Apostle Dr. Denise Walker

 Apostle Dr. Denise Walker was born on March 13, 1961, in the great state of Florida. Her passion is to bring restoration to families and equip them to live victorious Christian lives. As a teenager, she felt lost, but she knew how to pray and subsequently accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior.  In the summer of 1980, while serving in the United States Army, she began her ministry and evangelized within her community.  In that same year, while eating lunch in the dining hall, a young man became completely enchanted with her.  After many pursuits, this young man, Carlton Walker, would become her husband. Through this God-ordained union, two beautiful children were born: Carlton and Tilesha. At the age of 50, Dr. Walker accepted the challenge of helping to help raise a bonus baby, affectionately named Denise.  As Dr. Walker grew into her role as a mother,  God began to open large doors to advance her in her calling to preach the Gospel. Alongside her husband, she earned a bachelor’s degree from the Dayspring Theological Seminary and was ordained as a prophet while serving under the leadership of Drs. David and Vernette Rosier.

In 2007, Carlton and Denise Walker co-founded Bold As A Lion Family Worship Center in Macon, Georgia – a ministry to bring families into complete restoration by equipping them with the proper spiritual tools.  Through their faithful leadership, many families have been empowered to soar spiritually, emotionally, financially, socially, and physically. These same families have also been equipped to impact their communities and the world.  Dr. Denise Walker teaches and demonstrates the spiritual tool of praise as a spiritual weapon and out of that she birthed the Karar International Prophetic Inner City Dance Ministry.  This ministry was founded to transform the lives of youth through arts and character development.  For almost two decades, she has trained a dynamic team of dancers of all ages, glory carriers, who are sold out for the cause of Christ in the earth.  Karar has ministered the Gospel in the United States, Anguilla, Trinidad, and the Virgin Islands.

 Not only does Dr. Walker promote spiritual growth amongst the youth and their families, but she is also committed to community outreach.   Soaring High Community Food Bank is one community outreach project where she continues to provide a safe place for families to come and receive food, prayer, and ministry. 

 In 2018, Dr. Walker received the mandate from the Lord to open a prophetic school. Out of obedience and her love for God, she opened the Elijah School of the Prophet School of the Spirit. This school is a three-year prophetic school, dedicated to building and strengthening the people of God.  In the same year, Bold As A Lion Word of Faith Training Center was birthed out of the heart of God. The vision of this ministry is to train five-fold ministries, develop the faith of believers, develop the God-given talents of believers, and promote humanitarianism around the globe.  Dr. Walker is also the visionary of Bridging the Whole Woman, which is a ministry that brings healing, deliverance, and wholeness to women from many diverse backgrounds. 

In 2020, Dr. Walker, along with her husband launched Bold As A Lion Word of Faith Training Center and Soaring High Learning Academy in Pakistan.  This new church is flourishing and serves as a spiritual haven for many families in Pakistan while the children of Pakistan learn Math, Reading, the Word of God at the Academy.  Through their global missions, the Bold As A Lion ministry continues to partner with people of God to feed the hungry, dig wells, and support local orphanages. 

As a pioneering apostle, Dr. Denise Walker is dedicated to establishing churches and empowering souls to fulfill their God-given destiny.  Set for the defense of the Gospel, Dr. Walker helps oversee the Bold As A Lion Apostolic Network in Hinesville, Georgia, Knoxville Tennessee, and Indianapolis, Indiana,  City, North Carolina, and City, Arkansas.  She remains faithful to ensure that the ministries entrusted to her by God go forth in excellence and the power of God. 

The anointing on Dr. Walker’s life has impacted the lives of many and has led to opened doors of honor and recognition.  She was awarded the Gospel Choice Awards’ Top 20 Most Influential Leaders in Middle Georgia and was also honored with the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award under the leadership of President Barack Obama.  Subsequently, She was awarded her Doctorate of Divinity from St. Thomas Christian University, Jacksonville, Florida.  She has also been featured on the Word Network’s Medina Pullings Show which reaches millions of viewers around the world. Dr. Walker continues to undergird Jumpstart Your Day as a co-host along with Medina Pullings, to help usher in global intercessory prayer and devotion around the world.  She continues to preach the Gospel throughout the United States, the Caribbean, the Virgin Islands, and Europe.

Even with all of her roles, accolades, and titles, Dr. Walker’s favorite role is being a loving wife, devoted mother, and dedicated grandmother. Her most cherished moments are spent nurturing her two young grandsons, Nathan and Judah Walker.

2590 Napier Avenue | Macon, Georgia 31204
Phone: (478) 216-8668 | Email: info@boldasalion.org

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